White Star Coffee seeks to deliver a sustainable and transparent solutions. We use our unique experience to provide a personalised solution for the needs of the independent cafe.

We utilise our freedom as a roaster to develop and experiment in house where we try out ideas, accumulate knowledge and sharpen our skills, with the goal to make us better at helping you.

We create individual solutions for any imaginable venture, providing you with coffee, tailored machine supply and staff training.

We do this though personal experience and expertise, accumulating knowledge from our friends around the world to keep on top of emerging trends and using research companies to understand your target marketplace.

Existing Wholesale Partners.

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What can we do for you.

Our coffee and hardware, we are the official La Marzocco Modbar and Wilbur Curtis distributor for Northern Ireland and service partners. We can acquire and support any piece of ancillary equipment available for wholesale, grinders, brewing equipment.

We can offer bespoke service layouts where we can maximise creativity and flow for better staff and customer experience.

We offer basic training and customised training packages for our wholesale partners. To become a wholesale partner, for questions and coffee orders, contact us directly at: staydialled@whitestar.coffee