Rwanda Rugali (Natural).

Rwanda Rugali (Natural)

Region: Nyamasheke
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Natural Raised beds for 30 days

Rugali Coffee Washing Station is built next to the village of Rwamiko and purchases coffee from about 140 families in the area. Once cherry is delivered to the station is it hand sorted. Coffee is then laid out to dry on terraced raised beds for an average of 30 days.

Coffee is laid out to dry on well-maintained drying beds, where grass and weeds are managed and removed from below to ensure no additional moisture rising from the ground during the drying stage. The beds stretch acrossa large open plain where air flow and sunlight have maximum exposure to the coffee as it dries. During the dry season day time temperatures reach 28 to 30 degrees and evening temperatures drop to 12 to 15 degrees.