Papua New Guinea
Grass Roots Wet Mill

White Star's first coffee from Papua New Guinea is certainly something to remember. The Grass Roots wet mill receives coffee cherries from many of the best producers in Papua New Guinea's West Highlands Province. This naturally processed coffee is only a glimpse into the array of projects from the wet mill. It offers a unique flavour profile, with notes of dark chocolate truffle, raspberry sherbet and a vibrant lime acidity.

Paul Pora owns and operates the Grass Roots wet mill. He is not a typical coffee producer: unlike the usual PNG coffee farmer or processor, he has a degree in Agriculture from PNG and diplomas in Agricultural Breeding from the United Kingdom. Before becoming a producer himself, he worked with the Coffee Research Institute, in PNG. Paul’s background and knowledge in the industry is reflected in the management of the wet mill and the quality coffee that he produces consistently.

To fully control the quality of his coffee, Paul buys exclusively red cherries from the surrounding farmers. Hence the “Plantation”-quality grade: Paul and his team are able to select only the fully ripe cherries, like a big estate would do. After having processed the coffee, it is shipped to the Eastern Highlands to be prepared and stored before export: the Easter Highlands are far less humid and the coffee parchments preserve therefore its aromas.

Paul has a very strong and close business-relationship with our sister company in Papua New Guinea. Thanks to this cooperation, Grass Roots started some experiments to improve the quality of its coffee and have been producing Naturals successfully for two seasons.