Ichuga AA

SL28, SL34 & Ruiru 11
Lemon, Raspberry & Honey
Roast Profile:

Hailing from one of Kenya’s most sought after regions, this Washed lot from the Ichuga washing station in the Nyeri region of Central Kenya, and packs that familiar juicy, clean and complex punch that we know and love.

Located at 1,700 metres above sea level, Ichuga station is one of 5 factories owned and operated by Kiama Farmer Cooperative Society (FCS), near the town of Karatina. Growers working with FCS will go out and handpick only the ripest cherries, before delivering to the station, where they will be sorted to remove any under/over-ripe cherries and/or any foreign objects. More than 600,000 smallholder farmers, with farms of less than 5 acres in size, make up 99% of the farming population in Kenya. These smallholder farmers are organised into Farmer Cooperative Societies, like Kiama, and contribute to more than 70% of the country’s coffee, with large estates that usually have their own washing stations making up the remainder of annual production. 

This lot has been specifically harvested using only AA graded green beans, referring to the size of bean harvested. Different sized beans are grown at different altitudes, AA is grown at 2,000 m.a.s.l. AA are generally the most popular grade coming out of Kenya and are known for their sparkling acidity and distinct, pleasant sharpness that they bring to the cup. We are also offering this lot as AB to convey the individual characteristics that different types of beans deliver to every cup of coffee. 

The word Nyeri derives from the Masaai word Nyiro, meaning red, referring to the crimson volcanic soils that spread across the land. With such plentiful nutrients and organic matter in the soil, it makes the region second to none for coffee cultivation. Most farmers will grow a mixture or SL28, SL34, Batian and Ruiru 11. What has always made the Kenyan harvest exciting from roaster’s, barista’s and coffee enthusiasts alike is the reputation for attention to detail and high quality that Kenya has upheld and continues to hold. Each harvest seems to improve year on year with juicier, fruitier and more complex profiles in every cup. We love this lot for its incredible clarity, allowing it to showcase its wonderful red berry acidity, and fruit juice-like body with its high cup quality present in every sip.