Costa Rica
Granitos De Ortiz

Peach, Pear, Caramel

The Calderon Martínez family have been coffee producers for three generations, including the four daughters of Omar and Yorlene, who are the managers of the beneficio. Whereas Omar oversees the farms’ management, the four sisters manage the beneficio, which serves the family’s eight plantations.

The beneficio's management structure, with the young women running the show, is a result of Johana’s decision to transition from her work as an office administrator to managing the beneficio when her father decided to build Granitos de Ortiz. Once Johana decided to manage the beneficio, it sparked interest in her three sisters to join her.

The beneficio employes 40 pickers during harvest and is run by the family.

Today, the sisters, especially Joyce, are tending plantations as well as sharing the responsibilities of running the beneficio. Observing the innovations going on around them with neighbours planting exotic varieties, the sisters are especially keen on introducing new varieties to their own plantations, such as heirloom Ethiopian varieties, pacamara, gesha, SL-28, villalobos and villa sarchi.

This particular coffee is from one of their highest farms Ortíz 2000, which is 2100 meters above sea level, this means the cherry matures much slower than lower elevation cherries and gives us those lighter sweeter notes.