Costa RIca
Eduardo Duran

Santa Teresa
Black Honey 

The Duran family farm, Santa Teresa, is in the village of Sarchí in the West Valley. Eduardo works the farm with his three sons; one is actively involved in coffee and the other two work as software engineers. They all show great passion for coffee and to continue the work their seventy-year-old father has been doing for decades. All three brothers spent most of their school holidays working in the field either picking, stumping, or planting trees. The Durans recognize that, today, in addition to carrying on traditions, one must be innovative in coffee production. Kendall, one of Eduardo’s sons, is working hard with his brothers to help bring their coffee to better markets. The farm sells the majority of its crop to CoopeNaranjo, the local cooperative, to ensure cash flow.

The farm consists of different plots of land, each between two and three hectares. The lowest plot is 1100 meters above sea level and grows healthy Sarchimor trees and an F1 hybrid variety, a cross between an Ethiopian landrace and Sarchimor. Other parcels range from 1300 meters to up to 1600 meter. These plots have different varieties such as Catuaí and Caturra as well as other new hybrids such as Centroamericano H1, H3, and H17. These hybrids can have great results in production levels and in the cup while being more resistant to disease and fungi.

This lot of Black Honey was dried on raised beds for 21 days.

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