Jaime Gonzalez

Red Honey
Bakewell Tart, Milk Chocolate

The slow, careful drying and warmer temperatures needed to produce this particular style of coffee is a challenging proposition in Colombia at such altitudes.

 Cool crisp nights and hot, wet days pose a high risk to drying parchment. The fluctuation in temperature and the battle against the elements can often result in extended drying times and unwanted fermentation that requires the producers to have an enormous amount of skill, knowledge, and dedication to their craft; not to mention a knack for innovative techniques to keep the drying coffee stable.

At 60 years old, Jaime has become well versed in the methods needed to produce clean, consistent honey and natural process coffees. In the case of this red honey lot, drying of the parchment takes place immediately once the cherry has been depulped. The parchment, sticky with mucilage is laid to dry on raised beds for up to 14 days. Regular turning of the coffee ensures that a consistent drying takes place throughout.