IMH Women's Group

La Celia
Colombia, Castillo, Caturra
Red Apple, Pecan, Toffee
Roast Profile:

Given the different social and cultural dynamics in the rural areas of Colombia women have faced multiple barriers for leadership in their own coffee family business. With this, the opportunities for gaining economic and social independence have failed in the past. Their contribution as women is essential to the sustainability of the coffee supply chain. Even knowing this, these women are not always recognised as such.

The women’s group IMH (Igualdad Mujeres Hombres) is an initiative of rural women that have been part of a continuous process of learning, with the aim of producing and processing high quality coffee. The group are focussed on processing techniques, from picking to drying, with the goal of improving flavour for sale into the specialty market.

From this association, the women promote workshops and exchange between both male and female coffee producers. The goal here is to enhance productivity in the long term, encouraging respectful dynamics between men and women in these rural areas of Colombia.

Their farms are located near the Tatama natural park in the north west of Risaralda, which provides a unique micro climate for high quality coffee production. Producers in the association are able to access the specialty supply chain, whilst simultaneously creating a respectful environment for women coffee producers. This group strive for equal opportunities for women, to be able to decide the future of the returns that their sales produce, for both business and family.