Helécio Chagas Reis

Carmo da Cachoeira
Cocoa Nibs, Guava, Plum
Roast Profile:

Helvecio Chagas Reis, born in Três Pontas, Minas Gerais, was encouraged by his father, Ademar, to plant his first coffee plot in 1980, and started his journey in coffee farming. 

In 1992, he started to manage his wife Iêda's farm, located in the city of Carmo da Cachoeira. Helvécio started a great work in Santa Terezinha farm, where there was no coffee plantation. Today, the farm produces annually lots of commodity and some lots of specialty coffees, with a structure that guarantees the quality of the beans, added to the high altitude of the region and the microclimate that favor quality coffees. 

In addition, the cultural treatments throughout the year and all the care taken during the post-harvest period preserve the characteristics of the beans coming from the plantation. 

Helvecio counts today with the help of his son, Lucia- no, an agronomist who graduated from UFLA and active in the PROCAFE Foundation. Together, they seek to further improve the quality of Santa Terezinha's coffee.