El Fenix

Lime, Mandarin Orange, Caramel
Roast Profile:

The Farm

Beyond simply being Raw Material's central meeting point and office, El Fénix was designed with the long-term vision of three distinct, complementary, supporting businesses sharing one space.

Namely, El Fenix is an organic rare-variety coffee forest and post-harvest lab. A space for experimenting and gathering data first-hand on new practical farming. Techniques, adaption to organic production, and selective breeding programs. To host farm management and cupping courses for producers and roasters, and to gain roasters’ attention.

El Fénix farm is located in the eastern municipality of Quindío, Colombia in Calarcá. It faces west toward the Cauca Valley and the central mountain range. The farm has ideal climate conditions with a strong sun reflection off the valley and an average rainfall of 2,275mm a year, in addition to natural spring falls which provide water for the farm’s needs.

For this particular washed castillio the coffee goes through a 24 hour fermentation under the water seal that each coffee experiences, the coffee is then pulped and fermented again in the same fashion for another 24 hours. As with the honey process, this enhances the sweetness and acidity of the cup profile.

The coffee is then washed with fresh water 3 times, to ensure all mucilage and residues are removed. The coffee is left in the water-sealed vessel for 24 hours more after the washing process is complete, which we have found to boost the aroma of the final cup. These aromas tend to be bright and sweet, with more floral notes in the nose. The coffee is then fully sun-dried before packing.